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What Are Whistleblower Claims?

Unscrupulous people and businesses take advantage of the state and federal government every day. Simultaneously, these corrupt government contractors are taking advantage of all of us — the taxpayers. Government is too large to closely monitor all government contractors and vendors to ensure that they are fulfilling their obligations under government contracts. Even with close monitoring, these deceitful government providers hide their fraud, wrongfully taking government funds without living up to their obligations. These dishonest government contractors’ actions are tantamount to theft — effectively stealing from our government; stealing from us. Burnett Law, P.A. helps defend those who shed light on these issues.

Whistleblowers are courageous individuals who are unwilling to sit by idly and watch corrupt people and organizations exploit the government.

As a result, the government has to rely on good, honest people to expose this wrongdoing. Many people see the government being defrauded by their employer every day; it happens so commonly that it has become normal and part of certain company cultures. Sometimes, it happens out in the open for everyone to see. That does not make it right, and if you have information that can expose this fraud, you have a moral, and sometimes legal, obligation to come forward and make sure that the fraud does not continue. Sometimes, government fraud seems so obvious that you think everyone must know about it, and it must be approved or appropriate. That’s not necessarily so. Some of the most obvious government fraud passes under the noses of government officials every day unnoticed.

Who Are Whistleblowers?

Whistleblowers are courageous individuals who are unwilling to sit by idly and watch corrupt people and organizations exploit the government. There are laws that provide certain protections to whistleblowers to guard against retaliation from employers against employees who have stepped forward for the public’s good to expose wrongdoing against the government. In addition, as a whistleblower, you may be entitled to receive a percentage of the amount of money that the government recovers as a result of the whistleblowing information you provide.

Many government contractors do not fully deliver on their promises to the government and are being overpaid. Some never deliver on their promises at all and through fraudulent billing and invoices, are still being paid.

Contact us at 813-221-5000 to speak with an experienced Tampa, Florida, whistleblower attorney if you have information that the government is being defrauded in any of the following ways:

  • Overbilling by government contractors
  • False or fraudulent billing by government contractors
  • False or fraudulent receipts or delivery documents
  • Kickbacks by government contractors
  • Bribery by government contractors
  • Medicare overbilling
  • Medicaid overbilling
  • Faulty or defective products sold under government contracts
  • Concealing product failures from government
  • Failure to render full performance under government contracts
  • Withholding deliverables from government
  • Taking advantage of government
  • Government fraud
  • Government waste
  • Government abuse
  • Government corruption

At Burnett Law, P.A., we understand what’s at stake and will approach your case accordingly.