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Stucco Defect Claims For Homeowners And Property Owners

Burnett Law, P.A., represents homeowners and commercial property owners regarding issues related to improper and defective stucco installation on the exteriors of homes and businesses.

Stucco is a common exterior finish to Florida homes and businesses. It is part of the barrier to prevent water from infiltrating a structure and adversely affecting the interior of your home or business.

The Laws For Installing Stucco In Florida

There are specific building codes and identified standards for properly installing stucco to the exterior of a structure. That stucco installation process requires a number of important steps, each of which is critical to ensuring that the stucco performs as intended and properly functions as a barrier to the outside elements.

If your stucco was not installed correctly, your home or business may be subject to rainwater or any other moisture intrusion.

Unfortunately, many builders and contractors completely skip some of these important steps or do not properly perform each of the stucco installation steps. Stucco is specifically meant to guard against rainwater and any other moisture intrusion into your home or business. If your stucco was not installed correctly, your home or business may be subject to rainwater or any other moisture intrusion, which can ultimately result in extensive interior damage to your home or business, including rotting wood framing, water-soaked insulation and toxic mold growth.

Stucco Defects Can Stay Hidden For Years

Although sometimes signs and symptoms of a stucco defect in the installation are obvious, such as stucco cracking, stucco falling off, stucco pulling away from the structure (i.e., stucco delamination) and stucco discoloration, many times you cannot tell whether your stucco was installed improperly without having an engineering professional perform testing on it. Even if your stucco does not currently appear to be showing damage, if it was installed improperly, it may only be a matter of time before you begin having stucco problems.

Our property insurance law firm works with engineering professionals who specialize in assessing the adequacy of stucco installation and the resulting damage from improper or defective stucco installation. These engineering professionals are able to determine whether your stucco was installed properly even years after installation.

The attorneys at our law firm would be pleased to discuss your legal options with you regarding the stucco problems on the exterior of your home or business, and if appropriate, arrange to have the stucco on your home or business evaluated by a qualified engineering professional. Meanwhile, read our FAQs about stucco litigation to learn more.

Don’t Wait To File A Defect Claim – Se Habla Español

There are STRICT TIME LIMITATIONS within which you must bring a claim related to improper or defective stucco installation even if you do not currently see a problem. If you believe that your home may have defective stucco, do not delay. Please CONTACT US for a FREE CONSULTATION at 813-221-5000.