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Stucco Problems

Stucco is a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior and when it’s correctly installed, it can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Stucco makes your home more resistant to fire and tends to block out noise, a huge perk if you live near a busy highway or have especially loud neighbors. Despite all the benefits of stucco, it can also have some serious problems if it isn’t installed correctly or properly maintained. From water damage to mold and staining, potential stucco problems are something you need to think about in advance. Here is a look at some of the most common issues homeowners will encounter with stucco.

Improper Installation

Stucco is only reliable if it’s correctly installed. Because there are several layers involved in adding stucco to your home, there are multiple opportunities to make big mistakes. If you choose an inexperienced contractor or try to install stucco yourself, you could wind up with problems that lead to expensive long-term damage. The most common installation error actually happens during mixing. If dirt or soil is accidentally mixed in with the stucco sand, it can cause cracking. This usually doesn’t show up for months or even years after the installation and at that point, the homeowner winds up responsible for the cost of stucco repair.

Water Damage and Mold

You’ll see a quick decline in your stucco’s condition if it is exposed to moisture. Make sure you have functioning gutters with downspouts that direct water to flow away from your home exterior. Doors and windows should be carefully sealed to keep moisture from permeating the stucco. If you do encounter problems with moisture, it can soon lead to dangerous mold. Trapped water will quickly jeopardize the stability of your stucco and can lead to rotten wood that is invisible to the naked eye.

Stucco Stains

Untreated stucco has a tendency to develop stains after repeated exposure to rain. With no barrier to prevent direct exposure to moisture, your stucco will be an easy target for water spots, gutter run off, and environmental stains. Not only does the actual rain contain potential pollutants, but it can also wash dirt down from the roof, which builds up in deposits on the stucco. By the time you notice stains, your stucco is already in jeopardy of serious deterioration. To prevent staining, stucco should be treated with a water-resistant sealer after installation.

Stucco Cracks

One of the most common problems with stucco is cracking. Sometimes cracks are caused by underlying water damage. In other instances, it could be related to a bad installation. If your stucco cracks, you’ll need a stucco repair professional to assess the damage and address the underlying cause. If there are serious flaws or it wasn’t installed correctly, you’ll most likely need stucco replacement.

If you are encountering stucco problems or suspect moisture and mold issues, contact a professional stucco repair professional to help. Unfortunately, stucco problems will only get worse with time and the longer you wait to address the issue, the more extensive the underlying damage could be.

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