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Chemical Injuries Can Leave Lasting Injuries

We come into contact with chemicals daily at home and work. Some of these chemicals are caustic and dangerous and can result in serious injuries or death if not handled correctly. Chemicals that spill and come into contact with your skin can cause second-degree burns or worse, and chemical fumes, if inhaled, can cause catastrophic damage to your eyes, mucous membranes and lungs. Victims of chemical accidents will likely face a long and painful road to recovery. Chemical burns can require skin grafts and other major surgeries and can still result in disability and disfigurement. Internal injuries can be much more severe, if not fatal. When you or a loved one is injured in a chemical accident caused by another’s carelessness, the personal injury attorneys at Burnett Law, P.A., can help.

Common Ways Chemical Accidents Occur

Exposure to or contact with chemicals resulting in injury can occur under a variety of circumstances. Some of the more common include:

  • A truck accident where the truck was carrying a chemical. The chemical may have spilled on the roadway, causing injury and possible death to those exposed. Sometimes these chemicals can be extremely flammable, significantly increasing the risk of you suffering catastrophic injuries.
  • A careless coworker may be working with a dangerous chemical and spill it on you, resulting in contact injuries like burns. If not treated promptly, the injuries can be exacerbated. It is vital that you receive proper treatment as sometimes chemicals can react negatively with water.
  • Some chemicals can conduct electricity, raising the risk of electrocution and associated injuries if you are exposed to a chemical while performing electrical work.
  • Your employer may not have adequately trained you on how to identify chemicals and safely work with them. You could unknowingly use a corrosive chemical without donning the proper safety gear to protect your eyes, lungs and mouth.
  • An improperly stored chemical may leak, exposing the room in which it is located to toxic fumes. Or a poorly-ventilated room may cause fumes to build up to dangerous levels.

A thorough investigation will also reveal what actions or inactions were careless in your case and where responsibility lies.

Who Is Responsible For My Chemical Accident?

When you retain Burnett Law, P.A., to help with obtaining compensation for you following a chemical accident, we will conduct a thorough investigation into your case and identify all parties that are responsible for contributing to your injuries. This is essential to help ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. People and entities that may be liable include:

  • The chemical’s manufacturer
  • The manufacturer of the chemical’s container
  • Your employer
  • A coworker
  • Someone transporting the chemical
  • Other individuals and entities.

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A thorough investigation will also reveal what actions or inactions were careless in your case and where responsibility lies. We can also help document the extent of your injuries and preserve critical evidence and witness testimony that can help support your claim for compensation.

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