TBI and the increased risk of stroke

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TBI and the increased risk of stroke

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury can occur in any accident that involves blunt force impact to the head. In Florida, over 20,000 cases of traumatic brain injury are treated each year, according to the State Health Department. This figure comes from their latest data in 2014 and includes mild concussions. While most people realize that a head injury of any kind creates a potential for other serious medical conditions to arise, most people do not connect TBI with an increased risk for stroke.

Risk of stroke after a brain injury remains higher for at least five years

A study from the University of Birmingham has shown that people who have had a traumatic brain injury have a significant increase in the risk of having a stroke for the first 120 days after the injury. However, the study also shows that head injuries, even those considered mild concussions, still have an elevated risk for stroke for up to five years after the head injury.

Why is there such an elevated risk of stroke after a head injury?

Researchers have not figured out why there is such a large increase in the risk of stroke after a traumatic brain injury, but the data from several studies show that the risk is there. Many researchers already recommend that anyone who has had a TBI should be treated with anticoagulants as part of their recovery to help diminish the risk, at least for the first four months after the injury.

Legal assistance

Many TBIs occur from a car accident. When the crash was the result of the negligence of another motorist, victims might want to have legal assistance when seeking compensation for their losses.