Spring can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

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Spring can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many ways that people in Florida get to where they are going. People drive cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and even just walk to various places. Some modes of transportation are more effective than others and some are more fun. Many people find riding a motorcycle as the best way to get around. However, some of the reasons that riding one can be fun, are the same reasons that riding them can be more dangerous than driving in a car or truck.

People riding motorcycles have little protection between themselves and the road, especially compared to cars. It does not take a major motorcycle accident to cause very serious harm to the rider. Statistics show that over the last couple of years there have been an average of 543 deaths per year and thousands of serious injuries. The most dangerous months are right now as well. The highest number of fatalities and serious injuries occur in March. However, the second highest number of serious injuries occur in April with one of the higher amounts of fatalities as well.

Serious injuries can be very devastating for the riders both physically and financially. The injuries can prohibit people from doing many things they typically do throughout their day. This is can include not being able to work. This is why the injuries can also be devastating financially. In addition to incurring medical bills for all the medical treatment, people may not be working and have no income. However, if the accident was caused by another driver, the injured rider may be able to receive compensation for the damages they suffer.

As the statistics demonstrate many motorcycle riders in Florida are injured each year. These riders can suffer significant injuries, lose income and incur significant medical bills. The victims could receive compensation to at least pay for the financial damages that they suffer as a result. The compensation will not heal the injuries, but it can still be very valuable as people recover. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these accidents can be and may be able to help make one whole again.