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Based on the latest statistics, a death occurs as a result of a motor vehicle accident on average of every 16 minutes. An injury occurs from a motor vehicle accident every 14 seconds. The primary causes of these injuries and deaths are impaired driving (alcohol and drugs), speeding, running red lights, fatigue and distracted driving. On average, over 10,000 people are killed each year as a result of alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Additionally, speed is a contributing factor in approximately 30% of all fatal crashes in the U.S.

An injury occurs from a motor vehicle accident every 14 seconds.

While the dangers of impaired driving have been known now for years, the incidents of alcohol-related deaths are still on the rise. Another disturbing trend in the U.S. is the rise of cellphone use. A recent study found that among drivers aged 18-29, almost half (48%) accessed social media while driving. Obviously, this type of distracted driving can lead to disastrous consequences. Determining the cause of a motor vehicle accident is not always straightforward. Oftentimes, there is conflicting eyewitness testimony and recreating the events that led to the accident can be difficult. At Burnett Law, P.A., our attorneys have consulted with numerous accident reconstruction experts over the years and, if necessary, we will retain the expert services you need to prove your case.

What To Do After A Florida Car Accident

The moments following a car accident in Florida can be traumatic, stressful and confusing. Your immediate concern (of course) should be your safety and the safety of your passengers. If the accident occurred in the middle of the street, try to move to the side of the road if it is safe to do so. You should only leave an injured victim in the middle of the road if you suspect spine or neck injuries, as moving such an individual can result in additional injuries to the victim. If possible, set up road flares or markers alerting other drivers of the accident and summon emergency medical help. If the car accident occurred because of the carelessness of another driver, motorcyclist or bicyclist, you and any passengers of yours who are injured maybe entitled to compensation. To assist your Florida car accident attorney in preparing and presenting your case – and to increase your chances of a favorable outcome – you should take the following steps after a car accident:

  • Seek out medical attention as soon as it is practical, even if you feel okay or do not believe you need assistance. Sometimes symptoms of serious injuries may not appear for hours or even days after a car accident. The sooner you seek out medical attention and are diagnosed with an injury, the easier it becomes to prove that your injuries were in fact caused by the accident.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and your injuries, if you are able to do so. Sometimes accident scenes and injury victims are cleaned up before photographs can be taken. This can result in a reconstructionist, a judge or a jury making a wrong assumption about the cause of the accident or the extent of your injuries.
  • Refrain from admitting fault. Even simple phrases like “I’m so sorry” or “I didn’t see the light change” can be used against you to establish that you were responsible – in part or in whole – for the accident. This can result in a reduction of your compensation award. In some extreme cases, you may be precluded from obtaining any compensation at all because of these words.
  • Write down important details, including how the accident occurred, who was involved, statements admitting fault made by the other driver, and injuries you and your passengers sustained. Write down the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident as well. These important details can help you prove your case but can become difficult to remember accurately after a period of time.

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Because Florida is a “comparative negligence state,” even if the injured party is partially at fault for the accident, he or she can still recover a percentage of the total damages. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death as the result of a motor vehicle accident and you believe that the negligence of another is at fault, we encourage you to call the attorneys at Burnett Law, P.A., for a free consultation at 813-221-5000.