The types of damages to seek in a wrongful death claim in Florida

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The types of damages to seek in a wrongful death claim in Florida

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Personal Injury

Any person can be held liable for the death of another person in a civil court. A murderer can be convicted and sentenced to a prison sentence and sued in a civil lawsuit. The victim of a negligent driver or product manufacturer can sue for a wrongful death and force the defendant to pay damages. The following are several types of damages that the victim’s family can sue for in a wrongful death case in Florida.

The types of damages for survivors

The survivors of deceased victims can sue for lost income, expenses and pain and suffering. The victim’s spouse, children and other family members can sue to cover the lost income that would’ve been earned if the person had not been unlawfully killed. They can also sue to cover the replacement values of certain personal items.

Survivors often sue for emotional pain and suffering and for the years of lost companionship that the victim’s children and parents may suffer. In addition, suing for wrongful death usually includes coverage for medical bills in addition to funeral and burial expenses.

The types of damages for the estate

Estate owners can sue to recover the losses of the victim’s earnings along with interest. They can sue for the future earnings that could have accumulated if the wrongful death never occurred. The earnings can be calculated to represent current or future monetary values.

Who you can contact to handle your wrongful death suit

A death that occurs under negligent situations can be acknowledged in a wrongful death claim. The family of the deceased can sue to cover various damages that they need to recover from the preventable incident. A wrongful death lawyer is needed to represent the deceased victim and his or her family members and business associates as they work toward justice.