The dangers of flying truck wheels

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The dangers of flying truck wheels

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Truck Accidents

One of the scariest things that can happen on a Florida highway is a truck accident. We often hear about truck accidents that are caused by fatigued truckers or passenger car drivers that stay in trucks’ blind spots. Less is written about accidents that are caused by flying truck wheels.

Flying wheel accidents happen all the time

Tires, hubcaps and wheels fly off of cars and trucks all the time. When it happens on an interstate freeway, the flying object could be moving at an incredibly fast speed. Flying truck wheels can strike other vehicles on the road while causing the truck to crash at the same time. The chain reaction of events that a flying wheel sets off can cause a devastating multi-vehicle crash.

Causes of flying wheel accidents

Flying wheel truck accidents may happen because there was a defect with the tire or the wheel or because a truck component wasn’t installed properly. Sometimes, parts on a truck are worn out, rusted and in need of replacement. Defective or broken axels and wheel bearings cause a lot of flying wheel accidents.

Following a flying wheel accident, investigators will have to collect broken wheel and tire parts from the road to determine what caused the accident. If accident victims hire a lawyer, the lawyer will likely contact the trucking company to demand that the truck be preserved as evidence.

Who is at fault?

There could be one or multiple parties at fault for a flying wheel accident. A mechanic that worked on the truck could be liable for failing to properly install truck wheels. If the flying wheel accident was caused by defective parts, the manufacturer could be liable. A party that performed a substandard inspection could also be found liable for failing to spot the hazard.