Teen commercial truck drivers may soon take to the roads

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Teen commercial truck drivers may soon take to the roads

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Young persons who start a career early in life could be setting a positive course for their future. However, laws and regulations might impose age restrictions on entry into a particular profession. Those between 18 and 20 may find age restrictions placed on interstate commercial truck drivers could soon be gone. That might be positive news for those hoping to hit the road and earn a good living. However, not everyone wants to see the age limits reduced from 21 to 18. Worries about teen driver recklessness and possible accidents motivate the less-than-positive attitudes.

New rules may affect the truck driving profession

The changes in rules regarding teenage commercial truck drivers come from legislation signed by President Joe Biden. Specifically, new infrastructure legislation opens doors once closed to teens interested in the commercial trucking industry. Many people welcome new drivers on the road since their presence might alleviate some supply chain issues. However, questions arise about the risks. Even the most careful teen driver might lack an older driver’s experience. And experience often counts when it comes to safe driving practices.

Statistics reveal that teen drivers are four times more likely to crash a vehicle than older drivers. If poor teen driving behaviors extend to the commercial trucking industry, unknown numbers of lives may be at risk.

Liabilities and trucking accidents

A lack of commercial truck drivers prompted decisions to allow younger drivers on the roads. Reportedly, the trucking industry is short 80,000 drivers. Giving more people a chance at a career could fill those vacancies. Unfortunately, the risk of commercial truck accidents may increase as well.

Teen drivers are prone to distractions, and smartphones and touchscreens could result in distractions. A distracted truck driver could inflict enormous injuries in a crash. Other factors may cause avoidable accidents, and such accidents might result in legal claims.