TBIs are often caused by falls

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TBIs are often caused by falls

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Traumatic Brain Injuries

As people age, their risk for being injured increases. This happens for many reasons. One of the most significant types of personal injury in Florida is the traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury can have side effects that can last a lifetime, causing a significant decrease in well-being as well as long-term medical risks.

Common causes for traumatic brain injury

One of the most common causes of injuries that include a TBI are falls, especially among older adults. Older adults under the care of a facility or health aide need to be carefully monitored to assess their level of fall risk. Someone who is judged to be a fall risk should have special precautions put in place to keep them safe. TBI is one outcome, but broken bones and other issues can pose a serious threat to their health if they do fall.

That means properly assessing which adults are at risk of falling and then following the correct safety protocols for them is of upmost importance for facilities and people in charge of overseeing care. There’s nothing more important than making sure that older adults are safe from TBI and other forms of personal injury.

While falls for younger people tend not to be dramatic health events, among older adults, the risk is much higher. This is one of the most common ways for them to experience a traumatic brain injury, which will leave them with a long recovery and lingering side effects. It is essential to maintain oversight on any care worker or facility that deals with older adults so that they are protecting their patients and clients.