Do You Need A Stucco Defect Attorney?

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Learn If You Need A Stucco Defect Attorney

There are a few simple questions you can use to determine whether or not you’re in need of a stucco defect attorney.

Has Your Home Been Damaged As A Result Of Defective Stucco?

If the exterior of your home consists of cracked stucco that needs to be repaired, or if the interior of your home has damage that has been attributed to damaged or defective stucco, it’s in your best interest to meet with a stucco attorney and discuss the details of your situation. Based on the information you provide us, we’ll be able to determine whether or not you should pursue a stucco lawsuit against the manufacturers of your Florida home.

Have you tried to repair cracking just to find that it has returned?

Many homeowners do not realize that their home was built in violation of the Florida Building Code even after cracks begin to appear. Whether they think the cause is due to natural settlement or some other natural cause, many homeowners attempt to caulk and seal the cracked areas. Frequently, those cracks return a short time later because the source of the problem has not been corrected.

Do you know who applied the stucco?

The builder usually is not the company that applies the stucco system. Ordinarily, the job is handed out to subcontractors. The subcontractors then use workers who have no working knowledge of the Florida Building Code. All too often, the contractors themselves do not even fully understand the Code provisions. We can help you establish who the stucco subcontractor was, along with other liable subcontractors and put all possible parties on notice of their deficient installation of the stucco system.

Do you know how many other trades were responsible for the stucco application?

While the stucco subcontractor holds the bulk of the responsibility in most cases, other subcontractors are also responsible for the defects in your home. We can help identify these parties so that they contribute their fair share to any potential settlement.

Do you understand current stucco litigation and deadlines?

Stucco defect litigation is a complex area of law with many moving parts. From determining the proper venue to sorting out the responsible parties to filing claims and suits timely, this is one area of law where a qualified attorney is essential. Put simply, our firm has some of the most qualified stucco defect attorneys in Florida. Burnett Law, P.A.’s attorneys have tried numerous cases, arbitrated numerous cases and appealed numerous cases.

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