How Serious Is A Stucco Crack?

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Cracked Stucco

How Serious Is A Stucco Crack?

If you’ve had a crack appear in your stucco, you may be justifiably anxious about what it may mean for your home. Is it a normal crack caused by wear and tear or has a contractor done a shoddy job? While cracks aren’t aesthetically pleasing, not all stucco cracks are serious. Some stucco cracking does occur naturally over time as homes settle. These cracks should be addressed before they lead to any further issues, though as long as they aren’t numerous or large, they are generally not a cause for concern. Other stucco cracks, however, can have serious implications for the exterior of your home — or worse.

How Serious Is A Stucco Crack?

Homeowners should be especially mindful of stucco cracks which are:

  • Wider than 1/16” or particularly deep
  • At a joint or where two pieces of foam meet
  • Extensive, crackling out like a spider web
  • Shaped like a grid

These various types of crack can signify different issues. While all cracks should be addressed, especially because of our gorgeous Florida weather, some can indicate structural issues with the home or problems with the application. (To learn more about what may cause cracks in your stucco, check out our previous post, “What Causes Stucco To Crack?”) Problems with the stucco mixture, applying stucco in poor weather conditions, neglecting to follow the proper procedure for applying stucco, seismic activity, and a shifting foundation can all cause serious stucco cracks that may require more than just a quick patch.

To truly understand whether your stucco is defective, you’ll need to have it examined by an expert. Such an expert will be able to determine the effect the crack may have on the home, the damage or poor application that has caused the crack, and the costs of repair. For many homeowners, this is an unexpected expense, as is the cost of repair. For homes where the builder or subcontractors are at fault for serious stucco cracks, homeowners should not have to pay for the damage.

Rather than shouldering the burden, homeowners should consult with a knowledgeable Tampa stucco lawyer.

Consult With An Experienced Tampa Stucco Lawyer

If you believe your stucco cracks have been caused by shoddy labor on the part of your builder or their subcontractors, it’s important to contact a law firm that has extensive experience with stucco cracks. Often, stucco cracks are not covered under a new home warranty. That leaves litigation as the only recourse for many homeowners. A lawyer that specializes in stucco cracks can best assist a homeowner as they negotiate the tort process and strive to hold their builder responsible.

At Burnett Law, P.A., we specialize in helping homeowners recover damages from shoddy stucco work. Our expertise in the area has allowed us to help Florida homeowners challenge builders who are too focused on getting the job done quickly rather than getting the job done right. If you believe that your home has been damaged because of shoddy stucco application, contact Burnett Law, P.A. for a free consultation.

If it is determined that you have a viable claim, Burnett Law, P.A., will retain experts for you and file all the necessary paperwork to bring suit against the negligent builder. Our firm works solely on contingency, meaning you only pay us when we win your case or obtain a fair settlement for you. Our goal is to help Florida homeowners who have fallen prey to lowered building standards and shoddy workmanship.

Your home should be your haven. Don’t let poor workmanship erode it. Consult with a skilled Tampa stucco lawyer today.