Should you be worried about road rash?

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Should you be worried about road rash?

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Florida motorcyclists often face more danger on the road than most. Today we will look at one specific risk known as road rash. This injury affects many motorcyclists. Though it is often seen as mild, we will examine impacts in more serious cases.

Dealing with mild road rash

VeryWell Health has an overview of road rash symptoms. The mild cases often need only one visit to the doctor. Healthcare professionals encourage this. It lets a doctor clean the wound of debris. In doing so, you cut down your chances of infection. After this initial check-up, doctors will often send you home. You can take care of the rest of your healing period with regular at-home first aid care. This includes keeping the area clean and watching for signs of infection.

Moderate to severe road rash

Moderate and severe cases of road rash often need hospitalization, though. These injuries damage the body to a huge extent. Many victims suffer from lacerations through the muscle and down to the bone. Tendon and nerve damage is also common. Abrasions often remove large areas of skin. This leaves the victim open to rapid infection. They also risk bleeding out. Skin graft surgery is often necessary to control the risk of infection and blood loss.

Even when quick action happens, victims suffer from long-term repercussions. Scars from road rash have the potential to last a lifetime. Nerve damage is irreversible in some cases. Some victims are never able to return to their motorcycle. This is all-important information for motorcyclists to know. It may help you determine what risks you are willing to take.