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by | Mar 17, 2020 | Personal Injury

Workplaces across the country have become technologically advanced as companies race to adopt the most efficient and cost-effective practices for their industries. However, in most places of employment, workers are still an important component of keeping production moving forward. When problems happen, men and women step up to manage the actions that are needed to get back online.

As such, individuals can find themselves in the paths of danger when they go about completing the responsibilities of their jobs. From restaurant servers to maintenance workers, machinists to medical professionals, workplace injuries are unfortunately common and sometimes severe. One type of injury that can cause significant pain and suffering for individuals is burn injuries.

Burn injuries can happen in practically any workplace setting. While some may think that only fires and hot surfaces cause burns, this is not true. Burns can be caused by chemicals, electrical currents, cold, friction, and radiation. Different workplaces may subject different individuals to different types of burn risks.

When a worker is burned on the job their injury may be rated in terms of its severity. While first degree burns tend to be the least severe as they only affect the top layer of victims’ skin, higher degree burns carry with them more extensive harm. For example, a third degree burn is one in which two layers of skin are damaged and a victim’s nerve endings are destroyed.

Burn injuries happen with some regularity but should not be considered commonplace or unimportant. They can leave individuals with catastrophic injuries, significant pain, and long-term suffering. Like other types of personal injuries, burn injuries may serve as the grounds for civil lawsuits based on victims’ losses. Consultation with knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can help victims make educated decisions about how to protect their legal rights.

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