Recovering from an Accident Involving a Large Truck or Bus

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Many motor vehicle collisions involve passenger vehicles such as trucks, SUVs and small cars. However, some involve large trucks or even buses. Due to the sheer size of buses, these crashes are especially concerning and frequently cause multiple people to sustain devastating injuries and even pass away. Our law firm realizes how tragic these collisions are and we believe it is imperative for victims to have a solid understanding of their options afterward. 

Accidents involving buses happen in many ways. Sometimes, a crash occurs in a community at relatively low speeds. Or, bus accidents involve high speeds on the freeway, such as a tour bus that is transporting passengers to a destination that is very far away. Bus driver fatigue plays a role in many of these wrecks. People riding on a bus sometimes sustain injuries in these accidents and these crashes are especially concerning for those hit by a bus. 

Lawsuits against a reckless bus driver or a negligent bus company help many victims recover what they have lost from a financial point of view. Sadly, no amount of money makes up for the high levels of pain that many victims experience and the emotional trauma associated with losing a loved one. It is imperative for bus drivers and bus companies to address any hazards that increase the odds of an accident. Moreover, victims should not hesitate to explore their legal options and take a stand. On our website, we cover some other issues related to the legal side of large truck and bus accidents as well as other types of motor vehicle collisions. 

Explore your legal options and take a stand against negligent bus drivers or companies. Recover what you’ve lost with Burnett Law, P.A. Contact us today for guidance.