Pedestrian death rate still rising

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Pedestrian death rate still rising

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It can be dangerous to travel on foot in some parts of Florida. Areas with no pedestrian walkways and high speed limits are best avoided if you don’t have a car. Unfortunately, many people are forced to walk in areas that aren’t very pedestrian-friendly.

The pedestrian death rate is at an all-time high

The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released data showing a disturbing increase in pedestrian fatalities in 2020. Last year, there were 6,721 pedestrian deaths, which was a 4.8% increase from 2019. However, the pedestrian death rate per vehicle miles traveled was what was really scary.

More pedestrians died in 2020 despite less driving

In 2020, the pedestrian death rate was 2.3 deaths per 1 billion vehicle miles traveled. This statistic represented a whopping 21% increase in the death rate from 2019, which was a surprise given the circumstances.

Last year, most Americans were under lockdown restrictions for a good chunk of the year. As a result, most people weren’t taking long-distance drives or even driving around their own cities very much. So it’s concerning to see such a dramatic increase in this type of wrongful death.

Factors that may be to blame

Some investigators are blaming the popularity of SUVs for the rising pedestrian death rate over the past decade. Other factors that may be leading to more pedestrian deaths include speeding, distracted driving and impaired driving.

Victims and their families can sue negligent drivers

If a driver hit you while you were walking, you may be able to sue the driver for financial compensation. Families of pedestrians that were killed by negligent drivers might also be able to file wrongful death claims for compensation in some cases.