Multi-Vehicle Accident Kills Two, Injures Several, on I-4

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by | Aug 4, 2020 | Personal Injury

As an international HUB for commerce, travel and tourism, our roads and highways can become dangerous at a moment’s notice. And, it is very likely we have all dealt with dangerous situations on the road. Last Friday, multiple people and vehicles dealt with this first-hand in a fatal multi-vehicle accident.

Last Friday morning around 10:00 a.m. on I-4 the accident occurred. Between exits 32 and 33, a 22-year-old Lakeland man drove his sedan westbound. For unknown reasons, the sedan crossed into the next lane, striking a tractor-trailer.

The impact with the tractor-trailer sent the sedan careening through the barrier and into the eastbound lanes. The sedan then collided head-on with another sedan. This sedan was driven by a 37-year-old Orlando man with one adult passenger.

Now stopped in the highway due to the collision, the sedan driven by the Orlando man was hit from behind by another car, which overturned on the I-4 shoulder. This collision though moved the original sedan into the open, where a box truck hit it, which caused it to careen across the median barrier and all the westbound lanes, crashing through a fence, and finally stopping in a Cracker Barrel restaurant parking lot.

The original Lakeland man who caused the multi-vehicle accident is currently hospitalized with serious injuries. The tractor-trailer driver was not injured, but the Orlando man and his passenger who were next hit both died at a local hospital. The other drivers suffered minor injuries, but some had to be physically extracted by first responders because they were pinned in their vehicles.

This horrific car pinball incident was reportedly caused by one man, and depending on the specifics of the case, he may be entirely liable for all of those injured and killed. For those suffering minor injuries, a personal injury lawsuit can recoup their damages, both to themselves and their property, including their pain and suffering.

For the families of those who passed away, though, a wrongful death lawsuit will help them get some sense of justice. It will hold the original driver (and any other negligent driver involved) accountable. It will also help the family members get back some semblance of normalcy by paying medical bills, replacing vehicles, and awarding damages for pain and suffering and loss of income, among others. However, the victims should consult with an attorney to discuss those options. Don’t wait to seek justice. Contact us today to discuss your legal rights and options.