Most common causes of trucking accidents

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Most common causes of trucking accidents

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Florida roadways have been the site of devastating accidents that involve semi-trucks. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles, it’s no surprise that these accidents can be very dangerous for the parties involved. There are various factors that could cause a semi accident. One of the most common is improper loading.

What is improper loading?

Improper loading is a broad term given to various scenarios where a semi-truck’s trailer is not loaded correctly. When a trailer is loaded improperly, it can lead to commercial truck accidents. There are several different types of improper loading that can result in an unwanted collision.

Unbalanced loading

When a trailer is loaded in a way where the weight is not properly balanced, it can wreak havoc on the driver’s ability to handle the trailer. If the weight is mainly in the back of the trailer, it could make the front end of the semi rise up. This will take away much-needed handling capabilities for the driver. If the load is mostly to the front of the trailer, this will cause the semi’s brakes to be touchy. When brakes are too touchy on a semi, the driver is more likely to experience trailer swing.

Overweight loading

Each truck has a gross amount of weight that it’s rated to carry safely. Known as GVWR, this weight is assigned by the semi-truck’s manufacturer. If a truck driver hooks up to a trailer that is above their rig’s GVWR, it could cause the truck to have decreased performance during the ride. It could unintentionally cause the truck to be slow up hills and barrel down as it descends.

Truck accidents are unfortunately common and understanding why is the first step in seeking compensation for your damages. It’s always advisable to contact an attorney if you’re undergoing a truck accident claim.