Drowsy driving can lead to catastrophic truck accidents

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Drowsy driving can lead to catastrophic truck accidents

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Truck Accidents

The transportation of goods through the use semi-trucks is an essential part of commerce in the Tampa area and across the nation. However, truck drivers often choose to drive during the night when traffic is lighter, and they are often incentivized financially to make as many deliveries as possible as quickly as possible. This could lead to catastrophic drowsy driving accidents.

How does drowsy driving affect truck drivers?

There are a variety of ways that drowsy driving could affect your driving abilities. Drowsiness makes it harder to pay attention to the road and slows reaction time. Drowsiness also affects a driver’s ability to make split-second decisions while behind the wheel when faced with unanticipated traffic situations. When a person is operating a fully loaded semi-truck, a drowsy driving becomes even more of an issue, as these large vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries or death if they strike a smaller automobile.

Preventing drowsy driving

There are some common tactics truckers may try to use to combat drowsy driving. They may drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink. They may roll down their window for some fresh air. They may play the radio very loud in an effort to stay awake. However, these tactics rarely work in the way the trucker intends.

Instead, to prevent drowsy driving truckers need to make sure they get at least seven hours of sleep a day and stick to a sleep schedule. In addition, any sleep disorders should be treated by a physician. Finally, truckers should avoid drinking alcohol or taking medications that cause drowsiness.

Where to turn if drowsy driving leads to a truck accident

Unfortunately, even the steps outlined above cannot completely eliminate the possibility that a trucker could cause a drowsy driving accident. If you are involved in a truck accident caused by a drowsy driver, you may find your life has been turned upside down. Not only may you face a long road to recovery, but you may also face significant financial trouble in the form of hefty medical bills and lost wages. Personal injury attorneys in the Tampa area understand how devastating truck accidents can be and may be a useful resource.