Does ‘logo liability’ play a role in your semi-truck crash?

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Does ‘logo liability’ play a role in your semi-truck crash?

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Truck Accidents

People in the Tampa area are used to seeing billboards on highways advertising popular products, and large signs in front of stores and fast-food restaurants. But perhaps the most common advertisements they see while driving are those on the sides of the semi-trucks they share the road with. These advertisements can be a problem when it comes to semi-truck accidents through a concept known as “logo liability.”

What is “logo liability”?

Some semi-truck drivers are independent contractors rather than employees of the business whose goods they are delivering. While employers can be vicariously liable for accidents caused by employees, this generally is not true for accidents caused by independent contractors. However, when a logo is displayed on a truck, federal law presumes the driver has employee status with regards to carrier liability.

Logo liability laws vary by jurisdiction

Most courts recognize that logo liability carries the non-rebuttable presumption that an employee-employer relationship exists, and the employer can be held strictly liable for crashes caused by the semi-truck driver. However, in some jurisdiction this presumption can be rebutted by the commercial carrier.

Where to turn if for assistance in a “logo liability” case

If you are involved in a semi-truck accident it is likely that you have suffered significant injuries and other damages. To learn more about logo liability and how it may play a role in your case, you may want to discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney so you can make informed decisions moving forward.