Caffeine-fueled truck drivers are a danger

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Caffeine-fueled truck drivers are a danger

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Truck Accidents

When you see a truck driving on a Florida road, you typically have no idea how alert the driver is. The driver may be at the end of a long shift and relying on caffeine to keep them awake. A recent study shows that high use of caffeine can actually increase the danger to you as a motorist.

The number of crashes rise with caffeine

The methodology of the study compared the number of crashes involving drivers who drink high amounts of caffeine with those who drink low amounts. Truck drivers who drink large amounts of coffee or energy drinks are more likely to be in a crash. The study did not conclude that caffeine was the sole cause of crashes; caffeine use could be one factor in an overall unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking and poor sleep. An unhealthy driver is likely to be more of an overall risk.

Caffeine does not need to be avoided

The study did not reach the conclusion that truck drivers need to stay away from caffeine entirely. In fact, sometimes drivers can benefit every now and then from the boost that coffee can provide. However, caffeine as a way of life for truck drivers may increase the danger that they pose to other drivers on the road. Drivers should focus on overall health as opposed to relying on caffeine to stay awake.

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